Do Not Try Attracting Women Until You Read This

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Knowing how to attract women is not something that most men are naturally born with. Of course there are the select few “alpha males” who have the innate talent to charm a woman, but the majority of men are clueless when it comes to deciphering a woman’s desires.

how to attract women

Success Doesn’t Solve Everything

Here’s the truth: You don’t need a lot of money, a nice car, or look like Brad Pitt to be attractive to the opposite sex.

If you are setting these as barriers to your success, then you are merely creating excuses for yourself. In fact, many “average Joe’s” are sniping the finest women on the block.

Most immature men firmly believe that money and success is the key to solving all their relationship woes. Unfortunately, this is a lie. More often than not, the things that we correlate with happiness only bring upon more difficulties when they are attained.

A real man understands that he is responsible for his own actions and doesn’t get envious of other peoples successes or pleased at the failures of others. This type of man doesn’t live in a fairy tale land where success in one aspect of life (wealth) will magically solve his other problems. Coming to terms with this is fundamental in maturing and becoming the type of male that women are naturally drawn towards.

The secret to mastering the art of attraction is to discover what women are truly looking for. Keep in mind that this is of equal importance to understanding what women are NOT looking for.


How To Attract Women

what attracts women

Here’s a fact: Women don’t like slobs. Not to be mistaken, you don’t need to look like a Greek God, but you should ensure that you don’t look sloppy. Try to make it seem like you care about your hygiene and clothing. An unkempt male will often come off as lazy and unattractive to women.

When dressing yourself, take a moment to think about the social setting you will be in. Never feel like you’re “overdressed.” Even if you’re at school or at a casual social event, feel free to take your fashion up a notch. This will give a sense of “elegance” to your persona and automatically set you apart from everyone else. And even though women may pretend like they don’t notice, they definitely do and will keep a mental note of this later.

Sometimes clothing or even a unique accessory can be enough to break the ice and improve your appeal. But stay away from over-accessorizing. Keep it simple and unique to you as an individual.

Don’t Be Desperate

Most men seeking women reek of desperation. Men who appear desperate or “creepy” are one of the biggest turn offs. Even though a woman may be initially attracted, they are much more enticed by something they can’t have.

A guy who is “clingy” and constantly demands attention will force women away and destroy that attraction. Particularly when first meeting a woman, a man who holds a certain level of mysteriousness and keeps himself composed will surely maintain a women’s interest. Refrain from announcing your insecurities to the world and unveiling yourself completely. Everyone is in some way insecure, but the trick is to not show it. Fake it until you make it.

Exhibit Dominance

Don’t act weak and indecisive. Even the best independent women with a high level of self-esteem, status and money will be naturally drawn towards a man who they perceive can handle themselves, otherwise known as an alpha male.

Like Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection, our species is naturally automated to individuals who exhibit strength and confidence and who can ultimately deliver. And as a result, women are subconsciously turned off by men who exhibit traits that are the opposite of what she perceives as supportive and protective.

Most guys simply don’t realize that what they’re not doing is just as significant as what they are doing. For example, women turn the other cheek on men who lack self-confidence and are socially incompetent. If you’re insecure about yourself, how can you expect to show affection for somebody else?

Make Yourself a Certainty in the Eyes of Women

how to attract beautiful women

Ever heard of women’s intuition? Well it’s there and it’s real. With this intuition, women can always sense what’s really underneath.

Women like men who they can be certain about. Men who can provide and express this certainty are much more attractive. Without it, it’s pretty much time to pack your bags and leave.

If their sensors detect any uncertainty – that you’re only putting up a front to act cool but underneath you’re just another clingy, desperate guy looking for one thing – they are going to flee.

But if you can express your strength, stability and masculinity, women will be far less likely to bail because they are more certain of who you really are. Be who you claim to be.

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