Who is Richard?


Richard, MMR
Founder, Ultimate Attraction Guide®

Richard currently resides in Los Angeles, California and is the founder of Ultimate Attraction Guide®, a website that provides dating advice and helps men attract beautiful women. His concepts emphasize the development of a man who can naturally attract women, rather than forcing the situation.

Richard wasn’t always the smooth, attractive and masculine figure that women craved for. In fact, he started out completely clueless on how to talk to or approach a woman. Like many others, he had difficulty mustering the courage to approach women in any type of setting, and on the rare occasions that he did, his nerves would get the best of him, causing the situation to capsize. There was a gaping hole in Richard’s soul that was in desperate need of self-confidence and self-esteem.

So it came as a huge surprise when Richard actually managed to get a girlfriend. Frankly, even Richard was shocked. They had been study buddies at school, and ultimately one thing lead to another. Even though his confidence began to rise, Richard’s insecurities would get the best of him.

Eventually, Richard’s girlfriend grew sick of his wimpy attitude and cheated on him. Even after this incident, Richard was unable to stand up for himself and express his conviction. Disgusted, she dumped him after 3 years of dating.

This was undoubtedly the most traumatizing event that had ever happened to him. At this point, Richard had hit rock bottom. His confidence had plummeted to new depths. He was not only angry with himself, but exceedingly depressed. In fact, he isolated himself from his friends and spent a year going to bars to help dull the pain. He tried relentlessly to pick up girls but was continuously unsuccessful. He would badger on and on to other women with his sad, loser story about how his ex-girlfriend had cheated on him.

Simply put, Richard needed help (re)discovering his manhood. He had been in the gutter for much too long and was finally ready to step out of his shell and become the man he was born to be.

A few months later, he stumbled across a guide known as The Tao for Badass. At first, he was skeptical that anything written in a book regarding attraction and dating would be legitimate. But after reading a few reviews, he decided to just take a leap of faith and buy the book. Besides, he had nothing to lose at this point.

Needless to say, the book had him enticed within 5 minutes. In fact, he finished the whole book in less than 24 hours.

And so began his journey to find sight of who he was and how he could mature from that insecure little boy to the badass alpha male he would soon become. An important lesson he learned from the book was to never lose control of your emotions and lose sight of playing the male role. When this happens, women will not feel comfortable succumbing to their emotions around you. Women are attracted to men who make them feel feminine and like a woman. The moment she abandons her feelings and relies solely on logic, she will lose her feelings of femininity and end the relationship, regardless of which stage it’s at.

Over the next year, Richard was going out 4-5 nights a week and practicing the knowledge he had learned from the book. At this point, he had gone from only dating 1 girl to dating multiple women, something he had thought impossible in the past. He was exuding confidence and increasing the value of not only himself, but of those around him.

One of the most significant lessons that Richard learned from the Tao of Badass was to radiate confidence; not only around women, but in all aspects of his life. As a result, he was able to pick himself out of the hole and find the true happiness he was seeking. By controlling his emotions and rerouting his way of thinking, Richard has become a true badass with women and is ready to share his successful experiences with everyone.