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How many guys reading this right now would like dating advice? Show of hands. Practically all of you. No, no. Don’t be embarrassed. Dating advice for guys is very delicate to write. Why? Here’s the low down on dating and advice that you may need.

Disclaimer here, I’m a straight male. Whatever so-called experience I have that may apply only applies to heterosexual relationships.

Badass Dating Advice For Men

dating advice for men

The very first facet that each of you guys have to knock into your heads is that women are shallow. Just as shallow, if not more, than men. If you don’t agree, then you are welcome to go on the big internet machine and punch in terms like “dating advice for men” or “how to attract women”, or my personal favorite: “How to grow a pair”.

Seriously. No one wants to admit it. Social etiquette restricts us from going “You’re ugly” to someone’s face. Doesn’t stop us from thinking it. Everyone has been rejected, and everyone has rejected someone. They may not admit it. They may even bury that memory and repress it so far that even they themselves believe it. Privately nod to yourselves. If any of you ever meet someone who goes, “I’ve never rejected someone” or “I’m the only one that’s been hurt”. Run.

But I digress. My advice on dating is not just for guys. The issue is that I’m a guy; guys believe guy wisdom because I know what it’s like to have no game with women. Yet I do stress that all the info I have on dating and advice that is written here can be applied to women. Because women are as materialistic and superficial as the men they lament about. They’re just much better liars in general.

Ladies, don’t take offence. Don’t even. You hate your female peers because they are liars.

Yet again I digress. My sole point on this dating advice article is to admit what you refused to acknowledge. If you are short, ugly, and poor, then life is on Hard Mode, fellas.

dating advice for guysFirst things first. Look good. Look your best. Sure you’ll never be front cover model for Hugo Boss, but if you don’t take care of yourself, even your male friends wouldn’t want to hang out with you. Much less sleep with you.

So here’s my advice for guys – Start slow. Fix your nails, your hair, your skin, your teeth, your facial hair, and your smile.

The boys out there who say it’s impossible – go find some other dating tips in some other dating advice column. Do not waste my time.

Because you have seen short guys out there with swagger and style. Take Jet Li. Five foot six. Short Asian guy. Among Asian’s, he’s not attractive. In his older films his face is pock marked beyond belief. But after westernized make up, hey. He looks great for an older gent.

Biggest hurdle? Money. Yep. People automatically envision a Lil’ Wayne sitting on a mountain of bills.

Yea sure. Respectively, getting a mani-pedi, a great hair cut, seeing a dermatologist, going to the dentist, the barber, and potentially frequenting public places and networking at posh areas to perfect that smile don’t come cheap.

But if you want high-quality women, step up your game. That is the best dating advice out there for beginners. There is no silver bullet, just experience.

Once you got some acceptable level of image, we’ll keep talking.

Article written by fanged Badass

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