How to Attract Asian Women – Without Being a Creep

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“I want to learn how to attract Asian women… can you help me?”

I was very abruptly asked this question the other day. The situation was awkwardly inappropriate. We were side by side in the men’s washroom urinals. At the time I could only shrug my shoulders, shrug my john, and go, “no idea”.

how to attract asian women

Honestly, how can one attract Asian women? I could do you all a favour and extend the question to “how can one date a woman with a different ethnicity?”

The question is redundant if you’re already dating them. Some guys freak out when they end up in an interracial relationship and constantly wonder about what to do and how to impress the girl. Wrong. You’re already together. Just keep doing what you were doing. That’s how you ended up with each other in the first place.

The wrong action is to completely ignore the culture differences and be totally opposed to it. There are happy agnostic/ religious couples out there. All they have to do is not be at each other’s throats about their respective differences.

Personally I don’t see anything that poses as a significant issue. This question is on a similar magnitude to one such as, “I like spicy food; she doesn’t. Help?”

However, if you are a non-Asian who somehow has a hankering for Asians… fist-bump.

So why? Is it because they are beautiful? Slim? You love their cuisine? Regardless of why, it’s a shallow, presumptuous reason. Please, please, for the love of gawd do not tell people. Do not go around to your friends parading the fact that you ONLY date Asians or have yellow fever, unless you are Asian yourself. You come across as a shallow prick when you do. If other non-Asian girls catch wind of this info they will spread it negatively.

Let me reiterate: Rule one – you don’t talk about it. Rule two – you don’t talk about it. Sound familiar? Good.

How to Attract Asian Women

meet asian women

The secret to cracking any girl is choose the girl.

Do not go to a clubbing event that comprises mostly of the Orient and hit on every bloody girl. The rumour that you are a creep will fly with text messaging. People can still read in those dark places.

Focus on a girl. Whether you bump into her in a coffee shop or in the elevator test the waters. Say hi, introduce yourself. Use a subtle pick up line. (Don’t have one? Wait for my next article)

Gauge her interest. Is she not continuing the conversation? Cut your losses and move on. Some women just don’t want to date outside of their ethnicity. That’s okay. Ya can’t change that. Try to change it, and you just set off a bomb.

Everyone has to understand that my articles are about getting A girl. My advice is generalized and can apply to SEVERAL women. For those of you focused on getting THE girl, or THE ONE, you have to apply this advice PLUS some individualized approaches.

So the argument can be made that the girl in the elevator was totally into you and that she just had a bad day at work and didn’t feel like talking because she just had a big cry. She’s totally into you but was not in a good mood and is too shy to say anything. Therefore when you cut your losses you screw up your only chance with your dream girl.

That’s legit. Go for it. Realize that if you’re wrong there will be consequences. Maybe even legal consequences.

See that’s stupid douchebag logic. A guy gets rejected and thinks, oh, she’s just playing hard to get. Or, she secretly wants me but I’m too perfect so I intimidate her. Back-ass-wards logic like that just gets people in trouble. But, prove me wrong. I don’t mind being wrong if it means you get your soul mate. Please videotape it for me as proof though.

Where to Meet Asian Women

asian women stereotypes

If you are just looking for someone and have no preferences other than them being Asian, or Jewish, or Russian, or whatever ethnic fetish you have from watching unrealistic videos on the INTERNET, then I always tell people the old adage of never shitting where you eat.

Don’t hit on people at work. Hit on people on the street. That way, if they reject you, there are next to no negative effects stemming from your failure. All you get is a weird stare and perhaps a colorful insult.

At work, however, people might start avoiding you due to twisted half-truths that you can never fix because you’re the dude that hit on the new girl down at Human Resources.

The only other tip I can give you is to read my previous articles. Seriously. And that’s not just shameless self-promotion too.

No one will consider you if you look like trash. I’ve seen sad bastards who go around saying, oh she only rejected me because I’m not the same ethnicity as her and therefore I’m not her type.

No. She probably rejected you because you’re a whiny sack of shit with dirty nails and a terrible dresser.

Just calling them as I see ‘em.

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