Why Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

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Nice guys finish last. Why? Over the weekend I ended up stumbling upon popular videos and even research articles about this. I have to say… I ended up with this conclusion:

Truth finishes last.

Let’s delve into the topic of being ‘nice’. What labels a dude as being nice?

I bet everyone now has a list of characteristics running inside their brain, or remembered a time when someone coined them as being nice, whether it was a friend you chipped in a few bucks for, the relative you helped out, or that complete stranger when you held the door open.

See people never have the balls to admit what’s wrong with them. Never. Oh they will lament in a passive-aggressive way about what society accepts as being wrong. Not rich enough, not pretty enough, not successful enough. That might be one thing that’s wrong, but ultimately it’s other things.

Why Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

why do nice guys finish last

Here’s a typical scenario. Guy gets rejected. Says that it ALWAYS happens. Blames that being a nice guy is a handicap.

Analyze this. It ALWAYS happens. Which means that he took the same approach for every girl he met. Well now. Do you think that he’s god’s gift to women and that he’s perfect for every bloody woman on this planet?

A lot of guys are nice. Which means that the term is so bloody generalized. You can call yourself nice. Another person can call you a complete jerk. What traits and characteristics people want are completely subjective. And guess what? They change, whether it is with time or experience or completely on a whim. It happens.

So you struck out with that girl you’ve been chasing for months because you are not her type. What a bitch. She likes this douchebag she’s known for years that don’t treat her right. Whereas you can.

You go bro. You overreact like an immature little pussy and tell the world how you’re attractive.

The fact that 12 year old brats on the internet posing as gurus give advice that other idiots think are Oprah level quality shows how immature and silly everyone is about relationships.

But wait. How can that be possible that everyone is immature and silly? Easy. Because it’s so much easier to think that instead of you being that retard that has a problem with everything, the world is messed up and has a problem with how perfect you are.

“Oh I’m not perfect!” You hear this statement all the time. Yes, because it’s the right thing to say. People who think that they are perfect have a subtle quality about them: they never ever try to change.

Why change perfection? Therefore that is your clue. If they are in their mid-20’s and are set in their ways, that means that they perceive themselves as a complete 10.

Some people never change. And most of them are these so-called ‘nice’ people. Even worse, they pretend to change so people like them and then have a complete about face.

“They seemed to change after we started dating/engaged/married” – so damn common.

We are Greedy and Selfish People

nice guys finish last

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Ourselves. Since I already said that no one ever openly admits that they suck, let’s join hands and have an inner epiphany.

People are greedy and selfish. You yourself are greedy and selfish.

[No that’s not true, what about Gandhi and Mother Teresa?] (You are a monkey in front of a computer. You ain’t no Gandhi)

(So why do you like so and so? Be honest with yourself. Handsome? Beautiful? Rich?)

(Let’s move away from the shallow obvious.)

Whiny person: What about, “how they make me feel?” – cared for, loved, remembers things I say.

(Well now, can’t any liar replicate that?)

Whiny person: No, because (so – and – so) and I have memories together.They were there when I had that chaotic month. They’re always there.

(What about friends who do that? The ones who are of opposite gender?)

Whiny person: It’s not the same.

(Why not?)

Whiny person: I don’t feel the same


Whiny person: Because I do not want that friend to like me, I want so and so.


Whiny person: Perhaps not for me. Not ambitious/ tall/ funny enough

People want it all. Not only that, they want everything in their minds eye. Their mind’s eye is shaped from experiences and memory, which is unique for everyone. That’s why young people make stupid decisions: they have no frame of reference and blindly go into relationships without a flippin’ care in the world.

Why did that girl and guy turn you down? You weren’t good enough for them. Don’t act offended. You probably turned down other people because they weren’t good enough, or because you didn’t see a future together and didn’t want to waste your time.

It’s not fun being on the receiving end of that boot is it?

You can be pissed, you can be upset, and you can throw stuff. You have every right to.

Wrong, I’m saying that after you get jilted you take the high road and actually be mature. Not pretend to be an adult and then throw a tantrum when nobody is looking.

Impossible right? Yea, it is. It is impossible to consciously control your emotions and implement my advice.

Be Better Than The Nice Guy

nice guy

For me, I learned it the hard way.

I have tasted it through rejecting and being rejected.

I experienced it through cheating and lost love.

I felt it by being both a jerk and a nice guy to people around me hoping that things will turn out better.

I heard it through countless other messed up relationships and their so-called advice.

And I earned it from crying until nothing was left inside.

Being stubborn gets you nowhere. People run away from what causes pain, whether it’d be real life or from memories.

You have to accept the fact that there are assholes and bitches out there. No one knows ahead of time who that person is. Life ain’t Ikea, there is no guarantee. Even marriage pales nowadays.

Dust yourself off, learn from it, grow from it, get better.

See that quote? That could have been written by a prepubescent prick. So deep.

Idiots rather read books on how to solve their problems rather than just solving their problems.

You will get burned. It will hurt. However, it only hurts when the experience is new.

But does that mean take a chance? That’s for you to decide.

Shit happens. It’s a paradox.

People won’t date you because they’ve only met you a month ago and don’t know you. (Because you could be creepy)

People won’t date you because you’ve been friends for so long that it’s weird (Probably because they know the shitty habits that you have and how you will not change them.)

People will date you because they’ve only met you a month ago (you seem exciting and have potential. Surprise me).

People will date you because you’ve been friends for so long (I know you’re safe and you don’t disgust me).

You always want to aim for the final statement. If you are attractive as a person at the beginning and for years to come, you’re a keeper.

Everyone goes, “I like them because, because, because”

When was the last time you had a talk with yourself and asked, “Hey, what can I give and offer to my partner that very few others can give?”

Not money, not gifts, not expensive vacations…

What about something even more priceless?

Think about it.

Article written by fanged Badass

Why Do Nice Guys Finish Last?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 15 ratings


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