Worst Dating Mistakes

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common dating mistakesDuring the last few years of helping men attract women and improving their dating skills, I’ve noticed a similar pattern of dating failures which undeniably comprise the worst dating mistakes.

Based on observations and personal experience, I’ve concluded that the majority of guys out there are suffering from one or more of these top dating mistakes. Correcting these dating mistakes will improve your dating life tremendously.

Worst Dating Mistakes

Mistake 01: Not Diversifying Dating Sources

In order to be successful with women, you need to go out there, meet women, and gain experience. This may sound cliché, but it all comes down to your sources of women.

Having access to multiple sources of women is directly associated with your level of dating success. Women can come from:

  • Social circles
  • Bars and clubs
  • Social events
  • Public places
  • Online
biggest dating mistakes

Try to meet women from as many sources as you can. This not only saves you from putting all your eggs in one basket, but also allows you to determine which source provides you with the best results.

Each source will provide you with women of varying “difficulties” to overcome. Most men will make the mistake of trying to pick up all women using the same tactics.

So remember this: A tactic that is effective on one particular woman may not necessarily have the same effect on another.

Not to be mistaken, certain women will react to specific things in similar ways. This is why studying female psychology is essential.

Mistake 02: Not Choosing the Right Targets

Two men with similar pick up skills approach two women. One of them “scores” and the other is left dejected and moping in a corner.

Are timing and pick up skills the only deciding factors?  Probably not.

The difference between your targets will determine the outcome.

So pick your targets.

Worst Dating Mistakes

If you’re simply looking for a night of fun, the odds of scoring with an outgoing woman at a lounge are far greater than attempting to take home that quiet Asian girl studying at the library.

Conversely, women who perceive themselves having higher value are much more challenging.

Be able to spot them quickly and move on because time wasted on them can be allocated towards courting other women.

Of course, there are occasions where difficult women open up with the right effort and these women are great practice, but statistically speaking, they’re not very good targets.

That means that whenever you’ve spent a considerable amount of time on a woman and you feel it isn’t going anywhere, it’s probably time to pack your bags, so that you can find the right one sooner.

However, do NOT use this as an excuse to give up prematurely.

Mistake 03: Too Much Comfort Before Attraction

You know those guys who somehow become “best friends forever” with certain women while desperately trying to turn that friendship into love?

These guys will listen to a woman’s problems regarding “bad boys” and “jerks” (with whom these women end up eventually) and offer advice and consolidation while they helplessly drift further away from the lover/boyfriend role.

early dating mistakes

Here’s the truth: Stop playing the “nice guy” and grow a pair.

Stop building trust and comfort in the absence of attraction. Women typically categorize comfort without attraction as friendship and would rather not mix this with romance.

There are exceptions where trust turns into attraction (as the mass media tries to portray), but such unlikely circumstances normally require a considerable amount of time, effort and constant interaction which isn’t always guaranteed in this day and age.

Worst Dating Mistakes, 5.0 out of 5 based on 14 ratings


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