Dating Tips to Control Your Emotions

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controlling emotionsI hate the term ‘cool’. Absolutely hate it. Although I do understand the concept behind it.

Guys, we have all paused in front of the mirror, maybe after showering or brushing our teeth and checked ourselves out. And you probably thought to yourself, “dang, I look good”. And that’s perhaps true.

Problem is, you only look good standing still. See where the idea of ‘cool’ comes from? People doing nothing, staying still, do seem attractive. Just like models who pose for immobile pictures. The difficulty is looking good while moving, while talking, and while performing actions.

The answer is simple: control. Constant, focused control.

I want you to be hyper aware of all your actions. When you open a door for a lady or a total stranger, don’t just open the door. Open the door while looking right at them and flash a smile.

Never ever lose control. Example: If you sing karaoke, don’t let loose and belt out your soul to your favourite song. Sing a quiet slow song poorly. Sure, it’s not as epic as your best performance, but you are, at the very least, still in control.

Dating Tips to Control Your Emotions

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Now this might sound easy. Okay, all a guy has to do is do things slower and think twice before doing anything right?

Close. Ultimately it comes down to controlling your emotions. Ever been in an argument? Of course you have. Have you lost control? Most certainly.

Imagine this. You finally score a date, but everything is going wrong. Waiter is slow with food. Movie was cancelled. It’s raining. You left your wallet at home. Which sort of man is better? The one who flips his lid? Or the dude who stays calm?

Be careful, I don’t mean go completely apathetic. Being in control means also being prepared.

Slow with food? Ask her if she wants to go somewhere else. Movie cancelled? Have a walk and talk to each other. It’s raining? Tell her to find cover under your jacket that you’ve taken off and held above your head. Left wallet at home? Flag a cab and go home to get it.

Logic should always be at the forefront of your mind. It’s never why you should do something, but why SHOULDN’T you do it.

Unacceptable answers to ‘why shouldn’t you do something’ include: it looks stupid, it looks awkward, it costs money, I don’t want to, too much time… If you heard other people vocalize these excuses, you’d call them pussies. So why are you doing it?

Pride and image isn’t something you preserve; it’s something you earn.

Who is more fun to hang out with? The stick in the mud who goes: “I don’t want to try sushi, it’s raw fish. It’s gross”. Or the fellow who goes, “Hey, I know nothing about Japanese food. I’ll give it a shot. I apologize if it’s not my thing in advance.” The second statement is much more thoughtful, much more controlled, and more ‘badass’ so to speak.

Now building on that. Words are one thing. Your image, how you come across, are just as important.

Few tips. Not going to give you all too much to go on. Don’t want to confuse you.

Control Your Behavior 

First the smile. Only small smiles. No full toothed smiles for now. Control your smile.

Laugh gently. Even if something is very funny. You’ve heard some unrestrained laugh that sound like dogs, chickens and hyenas. Don’t be that person.

Your posture. Don’t slouch. Easier said that done. None of you out there can hold a perfect posture nonstop while standing, siting, and walking. Unless you were in the military or a professional ballroom dancer, posture is something that you need to work on.

Just three things for now.

And remember, stay in control.

Article written by fanged Badass
Dating Tips to Control Your Emotions, 5.0 out of 5 based on 11 ratings


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