How to Detach Yourself (and Not Give a F*ck)

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So how do we become completely detached and not care what people think of us?

I know several people walking this Earth who are highly disturbed by what others think of them. Simply put, they’re afraid of being judged.

This fear of being judged stops people from fully expressing themselves and giving forth their true ideas and feelings in certain situations. Although you will never be able to stop others from judging you, you can certainly stop it from affecting you.

How to Detach Yourself  (and Not Give a F*ck)

how to not care what others thinkThere are 2 types of manipulating correspondences that we receive in our daily lives.

Dealing with criticisms or accolades of other people is one of the things we have to consider when trying to become the strongest versions of ourselves.

If you’re aware, you’ll get particular responses from certain people based on the ideas or feelings you share. They’ll either push you away and call you a dick or draw closer and praise you.

What you have to do is detach yourself fully from both the criticisms and accolades. You have to be completely objective about the response you’re getting and continue to do what you’re doing regardless of the external circumstances.

For example, I get emails from you guys all the time about how I’ve changed your life in a positive way. Some of you essentially make me sound like Jesus himself!

I read that but still maintain a detached attitude about it. Of course it’s awesome and it makes me feel good but I don’t carry it very far. I’m just doing me and you happen to benefit and partake from me just being me.

And it’s the same at the other end. Some people hate me and send distasteful comments or emails about how I tickled their angry bone.

Both scenarios are to be dealt with the same way; you must remain detached. Mind you, I haven’t always been detached but these are the types of responses that arise when you are doing you.

So when those negative comments come my way, I’m just as detached as when the good ones come.

Hey it sucks that you were rejected by that girl even though you read and followed my advice on this site. And it’s awful that you became so angry that you wanted to write an encyclopedia on why I was wrong. But that’s cool. I’m moving on now.

Sing Like a Bird

how to not care what people thinkYou literally have to detach yourself from the good and the bad that is coming at you based on what you are doing. And of course, good and bad are just perspectives.

When you get woken up in the morning by that little annoying bird chirping away, do you think that it cares about what you think?

Obviously not. It doesn’t give a shit what you think. It’s just doing what it does. It’s a bird and it sings.

The moral of the story is that we should all be striving to become like that bird and just sing our songs. You just do what’s happening in you.

Whether you love me or hate me, I’m going to continue writing articles that teach men how to attract women.

That’s how you honor yourself, the universe (or God or nature or whatever you want to call it), and those who are experiencing you in a good or bad way. But you owe it to them regardless.

So go and do your thing.

And continue to do you.

How to Detach Yourself (and Not Give a F*ck), 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 ratings


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