Stop Trying to Own Her!

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This question specifically addresses a 17 year old guy who’s having a lot of anxiety with his girlfriend because when they’re together, he’s fine, but when they’re apart, he finds that other guys flirt with her and text her which emotionally distresses him immensely.. He always wants to be with her out of a sense of insecurity. And he can only feel secure when she’s with him.

Does this sound somewhat familiar? If so, then this article will definitely pertain to you.


Stop Trying to Own Her

stop depending on women

A lot of you guys are young and falling in love with girls at this stage in your life, as you should! Yes you should fall in love.

The problem is that you’re personally identifying yourself with the experience you’re having with these girls.

Very immature place to come from in regards to love. And it comes from not standing on your own two feet and sucking on her tits… in other words, becoming dependent on her.

Titty sucking is for babies. You can’t get nourishment from that. You can’t personally identify with her love for you. Love happens for the sake of love, not ownership. And you want to own something if you’re fully nourished by it. Same way a baby sucks on a breast otherwise it dies.

You energetically latch onto her and let your personal growth, work and esteem come from another mortal. From a 16 year old girl bro, who probably still has a Hello Kitty iPhone case. Unfortunately, she’s become your mommy now.

She rubs your dick, pats your back, and you suck her tits.

When I talk about vulnerable love, I don’t mean giving up your own sense of worth or stability or grounding. You need to be your own man first. And every time she’s not around you, and you’re thinking about how to get her back, it means you have nothing else.

You Need a Mission

stop being insecure

Men need to have their mission. What else are you doing? Are you 100% invested in your woman? Or are you living in the virtual world of gaming?

Or are you being creative?

How are you dropping your seed? How are you ejaculating into the world? One of the things that saved me as a young man was weight training.

“Oh my god, I can move more weight, I’m building muscle, I can maybe even get an athletic scholarship…”

I was building the relationship with myself through achievement in the world. And that’s what you need to do. Get a hobby. Find a passion. It doesn’t matter if it’s something respectable or not. As long as you feel grounded doing it then pursue it without hesitation.

The Power of Letting Go

You need to stand on your own 2 feet before you give your balls and heart to a woman. You need to possess yourself first otherwise you’ll be obsessed with possessing her. That’s slavery for both of you because you don’t own anything else.

If she’s giggling and kissing other boys, then that’s her prerogative. That’s her engaging in the experiences that are allowing her to grow the way she needs to grow to gain a stronger sense of self.

And when you love someone and you see them expanding and they’re doing things that you don’t particular like, you have to let love do what it has to do.

And a lot of the time love has to let go. And that’s how it’s strengthened. That doesn’t mean your love with her will strengthen, but it will increase your ability to love in a more mature fashion. Stop trying to own her.


Stop Trying to Own Her!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 10 ratings


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